i-Sign Ibadah


i-SIGN Ibadah is an application for learning Islamic terms related to ibadah. It collects more than 200 new terms developed and updated covering seven chapters namely Islamic law, syahadah, taharah, prayer, fasting, zakat and hajj.

The development of this software is expected to be able to be used widely in providing an opportunity for the OKU Deaf Muslim community in Malaysia to understand every term used in Ibadah.

Currently, this software is improved in collaboration with the Islamic Training Institute of Malaysia (ILIM), JAKIM and the Special Education Division (BPK), Ministry of Education Malaysia and NGOs for the disabled to coordinate its use at the school level.



  • Gold Medal at Islamic Innovation Expo (i-INOVA 2018)
  • Ibnu Ummi Maktum Special Award sponsored by Al-Quran Education Foundation for Special Children (FAQEH Foundation)
  • Silver Medal at International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2018)
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