Gold special award – usa

ITEX 2015

Smart Iqra Braille this project also has the cooperation of UTM and PERTIS with the development of the Quran eBraille panel. which makes Iqra Braille data part of its content.


ITEX 2016

i-TALK PISKEB (Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Kebangsaan) is an audio book for grades 1-6 to help Pupils with Special Visual Needs as well as a braille version textbook which is limited in publication.


ITEX 2017

i-SIGN QurANIS is a community-friendly software for the Deaf OKU Malaysia developed to fill the spiritual gap of this special community in learning the Quran and prayer practice.

Ibnu maktum award – yayasan faqeh

i-NOVA 2018

Others Recognition

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